Historical Day for our Club

At an event held yesterday at the Estadio de la Cartuja in Seville, our Club officially entered the Hall of Fame of State Basketball.

The project jointly created by the Spanish Federation of Baloncesto and Diario As, hosted the first 18 members of the National Hall of Fame with eight players, three coaches and coaches, a referee, a manager, two journalists, a team, a city, and only one club from all over the state, the Laietà Sports Club that becomes part of the history of basketball.

In this way, the legacy of the Dean’s Club and founder of basketball in Spain is recognized (the first basketball game held in Spain was a C.E.Laietà – C.E.Europa, played on December 8, 1922),and its contribution to the dissemination and formation of basketball during these 100 years.

This recognition and admission to the Hall of Fame also serves as the starting point for the Centenary Year that we will celebrate throughout  2022 with social, sporting, family, institutional and charitable events.

The representatives of the C.E.Laietà at the ceremony were Mr. Jaume Riera (President), Mr. Francisco Díaz (Sports Vice President) and Mr. Manel Monroig (Former Sports Vice President of the Club and person closely linked to the basketball world).

The Laietà Sports Club is celebrating and walking towards the Centenary stronger than ever. Congratulations Laietans and Laietanes! C.E.Laietà (1922-2022)

We leave you  below some images that summarize yesterday’s event.
If you want to see the
video of the best moments of the gala click  here.
If you want to see the
video of the complete ceremony you can click on this  link  (our club appears at 2 hours of the event). In addition, in the following  links you can consult what has been published in the media: