There are only 20 weeks left
The celebration of our Centenary is getting closer and closer and we have many surprises and activities ready.
To keep your mouth shut, remember that on our website you can see, read and remember our history, the most important events and a lot of endearing milestones and anecdotes.
Just go to the Centenary section of our website.
If you prefer you can go directly by clicking here.
CELaietà 1922-2022
Walking together towards the Centenary

Special Sandwiches

August evenings are #momentslaie with the new special sandwich menu.

This is the best plan we give you for this August, dinner in a privileged and cool place, with unbeatable views of the best terrace in Barcelona and dinner with the new and extensive menu of special sandwiches, such as burgers, mold bread sandwiches, baguette sandwiches… (you can check out the new menu here) .

If you prefer tapas (you can consult the menu here ) , you can choose from a very wide variety, from the most classic, the most veggie options or the most elaborate options.

The quality will not go unnoticed by all the most demanding palates of Laietà and the centx100laietàlovers.

Definitely a way to continue enjoying your #momentlaie with your people.
More information and reservations in the mails: centx100laieta@globalbarcelona.es / restaurant@laiet.cat  or in the telephones: 640174553/934486119

A novelty that comes to stay Will
you let them tell you?


Permanent space during the month of August

We remind you that throughout the  month of August  you have at your disposal and permanently the  directed activity room on the ground floor to play table tennis.
To do this, you will need to  ask for the key at the booth / reception, stating the name and surname of the person in charge.
At the end it will be necessary to return the key to the cabin.
If you are in charge and you have to leave but there are people left playing in the room, you will need to  appoint another manager who you will have to notify in the booth.




Tennis, Paddle, Basketball, Futsal, Sports and English
Remember that you already have at your disposal all the information about the Sports Schools of our club for the 2021-2022 season.
This Centennial year will be more special than ever, so we look forward to having your sons and daughters with us! 
You can check out the new catalog  here.
For more information you can write to the different emails of each sports section:
  • Tennis: tennis@laieta.cat
  • Paddle: padel@laieta.cat
  • Basketball: basquet@laieta.cat
  • Futsal: futbolsala@laieta.cat
  • Laiesport and Laiesplai:  direccio@laiestiu.cat
  • Idiomes ​​Tarradellas: idiomestarradellas96@gmail.com


August and September

Remember that  registrations for the August and September Laiestiu are still open!
If you want to  register you just have to fill in the  registration form  and send it  to these  3 emails (very important to copy the 3 addresses): 

You have  all the information in   the Laiestiu Dossier for August and September.
And we take this opportunity to make a small reminder of the  upcoming outings:

  • Thursday, August 12 : Departure to the Illa Fantasia water park
  • Thursday 19 August : Departure to the Cosmocaixa in Barcelona
  • Thursday, August 26 : Departure to the Water World water park
  • Thursday, September 2:  Departure to the Fantasia Island water park
  • Thursday 9 September:  Excursion to Castelldefels beach

Live the summer with us!