Tennis, Paddle, Basketball, Futsal, Sports and English
Back to school is approaching and it’s time to decide the extracurricular activities of the little ones!
Remember that you already have at your disposal all the information about the Sports Schools of our club for the 2021-2022 season.
This Centennial year will be more special than ever, so we look forward to having your sons and daughters with us!
You can check out the new catalog  here.
For more information you can write in the different emails of each sports section and the novelty of this year Learn and Train !:
  • Tennis:
  • Paddle:
  • Basketball:
  • Futsal:
  • Laiesport and Laiesplai:
  • Languages ​​Tarradellas:


A new communication channel

We continue to work on the  implementation of the Improvement Plan  and within the  actions in the area of ​​Communication , we want to invite you to be  part of our WhatsApp Business community  to  receive communications and broadcasts more directly and instantly.The issues we will inform you about at the moment will be:

  • Meteorological incidents (rain, wind, etc.)
  • Condition of the tennis and paddle courts and the rest of the facilities
  • Unexpected suspension of any planned activity
  • Closure of services
  • Other information of interest

Remember that  this  WhatsApp Business  channel is NOT used to resolve doubts or queries and is one-way.

You have  2 options  to  be part of the Club list  and receive all communications:

  • Save the number  in your contact book number:  655 089 446
  • Make  click  on this  link from your phone or mobile device (not from a computer):
Very important: 
In order to receive the communications we will make from the Club,  you must save our telephone number in your contact book and simply write us a Hello! or send the default message.We keep growing , we keep  improving , we keep making Laietà a better Club every day!CELAIETÀ


Located in the Pergola
Continuing with this implementation of the Improvement Plan, the Club has acquired and installed a new 75 “giant screen in a fixed cabinet in the Pergola.
This new screen will have  several functions and utilities:
  • Birthdays and parties
  • Courses and trainings
  • Business meetings and Team buildings
  • Video-analysis sessions of the different sports sections
  • Retransmission of sports competitions of general interest
  • Social events
  • Institutional events
  • Centenary events
We hope you enjoy this new service for all of you.

you let them tell you?

Are you in Barcelona?
Will you be for Laie?
Need your #momentlaie?
We offer you the perfect AfterHolidays plan.

We offer you the unbeatable space, alone or accompanied, to come and have a beer, a cocktail… or extend with a dinner on the terrace of the Club with the special sandwiches brand of the house, with the special sandwiches brand centx100laietà.

Are you still reading it? If you do and order one of the sandwiches from the special menu during the week of Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th August, show this LaieNews to your waiter and we will give you a welcome beer.

More information and reservations by email: /  or by phone: 640174553/934486119 Will

you let them tell you?


August and September

Remember that  registrations for the August and September Laiestiu are still open!
If you want to  register you just have to fill in the  registration form  and send it  to these  3 emails  (very important to copy the 3 addresses): 

You have  all the information in the  Dossier  of the Laiestiu of August and September.
And we take this opportunity to make a small reminder of the  upcoming outings:

  • Thursday, August 26 : Departure to the Water World water park
  • Thursday, September 2:  Departure to the Fantasia Island water park
  • Thursday 9 September:  Excursion to Castelldefels beach

Live the summer with us!