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Back to school is approaching and it’s time to decide the extracurricular activities of the little ones!
Remember that you already have at your disposal all the information about the Sports Schools of our club for the 2021-2022 season.
This Centennial year will be more special than ever, so we look forward to having your sons and daughters with us! 
You can check out the new catalog  here.
For more information you can write in the different emails of each sports section and this year’s novelty Learn and Enter !  which offers to do 1 or 2 English classes at the same Club just before training.In addition, we attach theregistration forms in case you want to fill them in and send them from home:

From 1 September

We would like to inform you that the new Gymlaietà Directed Activities schedule will come into force from next Wednesday, September 1st.
You can check it out here.We incorporate many new features such as Style, Abdo Extrem, Ballroom Dancing, Country and Fit Racket, a specific activity for all tennis and paddle fans! 
In addition, during noon every Tuesday and Thursday  at 2 pm we will offer you a 30 ‘service of Pilates and 30 ‘  Abdominals in the Fitness Room,

For more information you can send an email to:

Get in shape with us!
Come to Laietà!

August and September

Remember that  registrations for the September Laiestiu are still open!
If you want to  register you just have to fill in the  registration form  and send it  to these  3 emails (very important to copy the 3 addresses): 

You have  all the information in   the August and September Dairy Dossier .
And we take this opportunity to make a small reminder of the  upcoming outings:

  • Thursday, September 2:  Departure to the Fantasia Island water park
  • Thursday 9 September:  Excursion to Castelldefels beach

Live the summer with us!


Sports HallWe’re pleased to announce that during these days we worked on  cleaning and painting of parts of our flag.
In this way,  thefleece is ready to host a new basketball season that will be very special due to the celebration of the Centenary throughout 2022.We continue to work to make a better club,CELaietà