New Directed Activity
If you love tennis and / or paddle, you are in luck because we have prepared a special guided activity for you.
This is FIT RACKET , an activity aimed at improving physical preparation and preventing the most typical injuries in racquet sports.We look forward to seeing you there every Monday at 8 pm on the First Floor of the GymLaietà.Come and try it out, improve your fitness and improve your level on the track!
If you want to consult the full schedule you can click here.GymLaietà

Tennis, Paddle, Basketball, Futsal, Sports and English
We already have the new 2021-22 season HERE and it’s time to decide the extracurricular activities of the little ones!
You already have at your disposal all the information about the Sports Schools of our club for the 2021-2022 season.
This Centennial year will be more special than ever, so we look forward to having your sons and daughters with us!
You can check out the new catalog  here.
For more information you can write to the different emails of each sports section and the novelty of this year Learn and Train !,  which offers to do 1 or 2 English classes at the same Club just before training.
In addition, we enclose the  registration forms  in case you want to fill them in and send them from home:

CELaietà Sports Schools

There are only 16 weeks left
There are only 16 weeks left for the start of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of CELaietà.
Today we want to explain the origin of the logo of our Centenary.
The boys and girls of the Club participated with their creations and drawings, and among all of them we found 4 common elements, which are our basic pillars and which together form the shield of the Centenary:
01. HISTORY: A club with 100 years of history (1922-2022).
02. BARCELONA: Founded in Barcelona (the Laietans were one of the first inhabitants of the city).
03. UNIT: Sports center and with values ​​such as the union (such as the Olympic Games and their rings).
04. RECOGNIZED: We are a unique, respected, loved and highly recognized club.You can see the 2 images to see the transformation!
If you want more information about our Centenary you can click here.
Walking together towards the
CELaietà Centenary (1922-2022)