New activities at the GymLaietàWe inform you that we have a new offer of activities aimed at our gym.
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 pm you can enjoy 30-minute Pilates sessions in the Fitness Room.
In addition, this week we start the Ballroom Dancing classes ( Thursday, September 30 ) and Country (Friday, October 1), and soon you will have the new schedule  from October to December with more activities and proposals.
Don’t miss them!
For more information write to: gymlaieta@laieta.cat

Tennis, Paddle, Basketball, FootballSports and Sports

You are still in time to register the youngest children in  the CELaietà Sports Schools  for the  2021-2022 season.
This  Centenary year  will be more special than ever, we look forward to seeing you there!
You can check out the new catalog  here.
You can ask for more information in the  different emails of each sports section and the novelty of this year  Learn and Train !,  which offers to  do  1 or 2 English classes at the same Club just before training:

  • Tennis:  tennis@laieta.cat 
  • Paddle:  padel@laieta.cat
  • Basketball:  basquet@laieta.cat 
  • Futsal:  futbolsala@laieta.cat 
  • Laiesport and Laiesplai:  direccio@laiestiu.cat 
  • Languages ​​Tarradellas:  idiomestarradellas96@gmail.com

CELaietà Sports Schools

TennisAidDear users will remember that we are working with TennisAid , a non-profit organization ,  which promotes and teaches providing tennis equipment, sports equipment and assistance to disadvantaged areas and third world countries.
You can help them in their magnificent task by carrying rackets and all that sports equipment that you no longer use , they will give them a second life!
You can do until Saturday 2 October at the offices of Tennis in time from 10:30 to 20: 30h
If you want to know more about this organization you can click  here.
Thank you so much for collaborating laietans and laietanas!

From September 27 to October 2Throughout this week, Asics will make its tennis shoes available to all our members and subscribers for you to try on.
There will be a stand with an expert who will advise you on the best option for you and once you have chosen the ones you like best you will be able to play a game with them.
In addition, just to get closer to the stand you will have a 20% discount voucher on your next purchase on the web.
The stand will be at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm and on Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon.
See you there!

Saturday, October 2 from 2 to 5 p.m.Next Saturday, October 2, from 2 to 5 pm, Martin Rocca (one of the most prestigious beginner and mini tennis players in Spain) will give a clinic at our club.
Book the date and come, we are waiting for you!

Respect for the rules of paddle tennis, a matter of social justice

As part of the civility campaign we are carrying out, today we are talking about compliance with the paddle reserve regulations.
As you know, and we have reported repeatedly lately, the rules are set to achieve an equitable distribution of paddle courts when playing. Failure to do so is a personal benefit to the detriment of other members and subscribers , and therefore an intentional offense .
Since the beginning of September, the need for everyone to respect this regulation has been remembered, making a prayer in this regard, and remembering that every infraction detected will be sanctioned .
It should be noted that the Board of Directors and the Discipline Committee want to be strict in sanctioning those who ignore the regulations, who are always an unsupportive minority.
We all manage to have a better Club,
Thank you very much for your collaboration.
Let’s do Civility, let’s do Laietà!