Finalize next Thursday the 10th

Dear members,

As you know days ago, all members over 18 years old have received a survey in your email because you can evaluate the different services of the Club, detect preferences and be able to address, with more information, the necessary improvements.
We would be grateful if you looked at the receipt and filled it in (if you haven’t received it yet, we recommend looking at your spam).
The result will be very useful, since from the data obtained we will develop an Improvement Plan that will materialize over the coming months with the necessary investments.
Remember that you have until next Thursday, February 10th to respond.
Thank you very much for your participation and collaboration!


opening today February 7th

Our new Laietà beauty service arrives today and offers you a 40% discount on all your treatments as a welcome gift.
You can enjoy these fantastic prices until Sunday, February 20th.
We offer services such as: facial hygiene, massages, pedicure, manicure, hair removal, eyelash lifting, etc.
For more information contact our specialist:
Silvia Monclús (692.87.61.99 /
You can consult all prices and services here.
And see the new space here.
Take care of Laietà!



We have started classes

Dear users,

After the success of the open day this past Saturday, registration for the Table Tennis School remains open. Below you have all the information about the new sports school of Laietà:

  • Opening hours (opening hours!) : Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Ages: adults and boys and girls over 12 years old who will train together
  • Prices: members 35 euros/month and non-members 40 euros/month
  • Monitors: federated monitor recommended by Pep Palés (who will often come to support).
  • Places available: 10 places

On the other hand, you have at your disposal a Season ticket of 4 specific training classes at a price of 40 euros/subscription for members and 45 euros/subscription for non-members.
From this season tickets at the moment we will put 4 on sale. In all cases, we will make a waiting list in case the registrations exceed the available places.

For more information and contact, please write to:
To formalize the Registrations visit the Partner Support Office.

Come and practice this exciting sport and don’t miss out on your place!


Inscriscriptions already open!

There is less left for the Social Tennis Tournament of 2022, which will be very special due to the celebration of our Centenary.The awards ceremony will be held during the dinner of the great Tennis Night that we will do in June and in which there will be more emotions and surprises than ever before.

The Social Tennis Tournament competition will be organized as follows:

  • Female Category: alevin, infantile, junior and absolute
  • Male category: benjamin, alevín, infantile, cadet, junior and absolute
  • Seniors: +35, +45 i +55.

You can now register with your FCT user here.
Registration open until next Sunday, February 13th.

We are waiting for you!

Let’s do Tennis, let’s do Laietà!


Inscriscriptions already open!

Dear Padel fans,

The Social Paddle Tournament of the Laietà Sports Club arrives  that will be more special and spectacular than ever in the Year of the Centenary.
Here is all the information:

  • Exclusively for members and subscribers
  • League Phase: during the months of March to April
  • Elimination Phase: May and June
  • Final Round and Party: Saturday, June 11
  • Welcome pack
  • Trophies and prizes for champions and finalists and gift raffle for everyone.
  • Prices: Members (15€) / Subscribers (17€)

Registrations are open from today until February 21st, you can fill in the form.
If you want to consult the regulations click here.
For more information:

We are waiting for you!

Let’s paddle, let’s make Laietà!


Concurs of costumes on 25, 26 and 27 February

Dear users,

This Centenary Year we have prepared a very special Carnival.
Next Friday, 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 we are waiting for you in disguise at the Club to participate in the Centenary Costume Contest.
It is very easy, you only have to come in disguise one of these 3 days and take a photo at the photocall that will be prepared on the Club terrace.
Adults must wear a costume inspired by the 1920s and children can wear a free-themed costume.
You will then need to upload the photo to Instagram (post or storie) and tag it on the @clublaieta.
You can also send it if you prefer to the email:
The jury, formed by 3 members of the Board of Directors and 3 partners will review all the photos sent and proclaim the winners on March 1.
That is why we need 3 of you to offer you as a jury, the first 3 who write an email to can be.
There will be a trophy for the 3 best adult costumes and the 3 best children!
Encourage yourself to participate!
You can see the official poster here.


Read the agenda and results of our club

We inform you of the results and the agenda of matches in our sections and sports schools.

Results for the week from January 31 to February 6, 2022:

  1. Tennis (We emphasize that Judit Pla was proclaimed Sub-Champion of Catalonia Aleví)
  2. Basketball
  3. Futsal
  4. Paddle (unavailable)

Agenda of matches from 7 to 13 February 2022:

  1. Tennis (no available)
  2. Basketball (unavailable)
  3. Futsal
  4. Paddle (unavailable)


Have fun and learn during the centenary year!

Dear users,

Today comes a new “Did you know that…?” of Laietà, a game of curiosities about our Club with which you will learn a lot about Laietà that you may not know.
We encourage you to follow this initiation and we challenge you to learn and disseminate it especially with the little ones.

Did you know that…?

In our Club there is an image of the Virgin of Montserrat, “La Moreneta” hidden just above the 14th tennis court?

At the beginning of the 2000s, Antonio Muñoz, the Club’s hockey delegate, missed a religious figure or reference in our Club and made the request to the President of the Club.
The President Miquel Sambola agreed, but on the condition that it was the image of the Virgin of Montserrat, “La Moreneta” and made a donation for the partner Begonya Campius to make a ceramic mosaic that he left finished in 2003.
Once finished and, in order not to disturb non-believers, they decided to place it in a discreet and hidden place….



Vigent all year round of the Centenary!

Dear Members,

We want to thank and reward your loyalty to our Club!
That is why we will leave the Membership promotion in force throughout the centenary year. You are the best ambassadors of the Club and the Member carries Member, will make the Laietà family continue to grow and grow!
Invite your family, friends and friends to become partners!
It is very easy, you just have to bring a new partner and you will have:

  • The Free Monthly Fee for 2 months
    *In case you bring more than one new partner, you will benefit from 2 free months for each of them.

In addition, the new partner will obtain :

  • 1 Free Monthly Fee and Facilities in the payment of the Social Title (financing up to 5 years without interest).
    *This promotion does not apply to people who have been linked to the club during the last 6 months.

If you want more information, or make an appointment with us to show our Club to the person concerned, you can send an email to, call 934 486 350 or go through the Member Support Office.
We are waiting for you!


Vigent all year round of the Centenary!

Dear Members and Subscribers,

We want to continue thanking and rewarding your loyalty to the Club!
We are very pleased that you are part of laietà and we want our family to be bigger and bigger!
That is why we present the padel subscriber promotion becomes a

MemberAixí, if a Member manages to make a Paddle Subscriber become a Member, you will get:

  • For the Subscriber who becomes a Member: 1 free year of box office and other advantages*

* The new partner will have facilities in the payment of the Social Title, which can be financed up to 5 years without interest.

  • For the Member: a free monthly fee.

That way, they both win!

If you want to register as a new member or receive more information, you can send an email to, call 934 486 350 or go to the Member Support Office. Don’t wait any longer and cheer up! Enjoy Laietà more than ever!

Become a member!