We want to hear your voice

All users have a new communication service with the Club from today, the Suggestion Box.
In this way, you can make the request for suggestion, consultation, complaint or thanks in 3 ways:

1. By filling in the form  that you will find on the panels of the entrance hall to the Club and delivering them to Member Services (available soon )
2 . By sending an email to:
3. Filling in the form through the APP (in the Suggestions Box section)

We want to hear your voice!

Sport and English at our Tarradellas Language Club

Who are we? 
We are Tarradellas Languages , a language school that since 2002 has been helping its students to communicate with the world. We offer our kids and teens to learn the language with naturalness and motivation , the two key points of good learning.

How do we work?
We form age groups and use a material that allows us to work with all levels . Each student has their own particular goals and we help them achieve them. Our priority is communication and we work in groups of 5 to 10 students. We also have the option of groups to prepare for official exams. 

What proposal do we make for you?
Come to the club, learn English and train… great, right? No travel , making the most of the time, and in ideal facilities. We have several schedules so you can combine English and sports , but if they don’t fit you look for new ones … flexibility is one of our strengths!
We also do adult activities at the club!

1h / week: 40 € / month
2h / week: 75 € / month
(registration 30 € and separate material)

Email to  or whatsapp to 601025767 specifying: name, year of birth and sport that the student practices.
We will contact you with the details of the proposal as soon as possible!


All the results of ours and our tennis players
This weekend many of our players and players have played the Pere Masip Circuit.
Click  here  to see all the information. 

Last week, 26 to 30 July 2021

Dear parents,
Let’s start the last  week of Laiestiu!
If you want to see all the  information for the last days of July, click here.

But remember that Laiestiu continues during the months of August and September, and that just for having been with us during the month of July you have a 10% discount!

As you know, this year we have  contacted a company specializing in photography  where, through its website, you can  purchase the photos you like best.
You can do this through its  website where you can already see the photos taken and sorted by groups:
* To receive a username and password and be able to access the photos, contact