Final Party
Tomorrow, Friday 30 July, the last day of Laiestiu arrives with a great Final Party!
We will have inflatables in the morning and a festival in the afternoon, which you can attend to see what the little ones in the house have prepared for us this year.The Festival will take place in 2 shifts:

  • At 4 pm 3 groups will participate: Baby, 1-2 and 3-4 (boys and girls from 3 to 6 years)
  • At 5 pm 3 groups will participate: 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10 (boys and girls from 7 to 11 years old)

We will follow the following protocol of entry and collection / departure :

At 4 pm the parents of the 1st shift will enter through the access door to the guest car park and will sit in the stands to enjoy the show.
When the performances are over, you will have to go down to the social track and pick up your sons and daughters directly and walk down the access ramp to the track (except for those families who have another son or daughter in the 2nd round)
A at 5 pm the parents of the 2nd shift will follow the same protocol.

Laiestiu is coming to an end, but remember that it continues during the months of August and September, and that just for having been with us during the month of July you have a 10% discount!We also want to remind you that you already have at your disposal the photos we have been taking during the event at To access the photos, contact Finally, you already have the campus satisfaction survey at your disposal so that you can give us your opinion on it. It is very important for us your opinions to try to improve year after year. Good summer! 

We continue to improve our Club

We would like to inform you that during the next month of August and taking advantage of a lower influx of users to our Club, a series of actions have been planned that will improve the state of some of the facilities and services:

  • Lawn change on Paddle courts nº1 and nº2 (performance scheduled for 17 and 18 August)
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation of the Tennis Court No. 11  (started last week and scheduled to end on Tuesday, August 3)
  • Integral rehabilitation of the Tennis court nº4 (start of performance on Monday 2 August with a duration of 10 days)
  • Renovation of the pavement of the access corridor to the lower tennis courts  (start of performance on Monday 2 August with a duration of one week). During these days, a temporary passage will be enabled, and the tennis court nº5 will be out of service as it will serve as a workspace for the aforementioned works.
  • Sanitation and Painting of the walls of the pavilion (from August 9). Which will lead to the closure of the same from that date.

We hope that the actions will cause the least inconvenience and disturbance to all our users.

We keep working for all of you!


The Centx100Laietà always by your side

After the success of the change in the restoration of the Club and continuing to provide a very good service for all of you, this August the Centx100Laietà Restaurant will be open during normal hours, from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 23: 30 hours and Sundays and public holidays from 8 am to 9.30 pm.

As for the gastronomic offer, we will continue to share with you all the daily and weekend menu , the extensive menu of tapas and salads and the great novelty of summer, the menu of special sandwiches to liven up dinners at a one of the most privileged places in Barcelona, the Laietà Sports Club Terrace. 

The Centx100Laietà becomes aalternative gastronomic offer for this month of August.

We hope you enjoy the catering service. For more information and reservations call the restaurant 934486119.

Follow our newsletters and the Instagram of @ centx100laieta to find out about our gastronomic offers.

Our holidays are in Laietà, our holidays are by your side.

Will you let them tell you?


Until July 31

We remind you that you have  until this coming Saturday, July 31, to take part in the  Paddle Subscriber Become a Member promotion .
This campaign has  many advantages  both for members who bring a new member, and for those who become a new member.
If you want  more information  just  click here:  Paddle Subscriber becomes a member

We also have the promotion member Active  member,  you have   all the information here .

In this way we want to  thank and reward your loyalty once again!
You are the best ambassadors of the Club and we want the  Laietà family to continue to grow and be bigger and bigger!

Tennis, Paddle, Basketball and Futsal
Remember that you already have at your disposal all the information about the Sports Schools of our club for the 2021-2022 season.
This Centennial year will be more special than ever, so we look forward to having your sons and daughters with us!
You can check out the new catalog  here.
For more information you can write to the different emails of each sports section:
  • Tennis:
  • Paddle:
  • Basketball:
  • Futsal:
  • Laiesport and Laiesplai:

Grow Together

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If you want to help us grow just  click and follow us ,  interact with us , and if you do any posts remember to  tag us!
Soon and especially during our Centenary there will be  gifts and many surprises!
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