Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 8 to 20 hours
Dear users,
We are pleased to present the 12 Hours of Tennis 2021 , a team tennis tournament with optional and complementary activities of basketball, indoor soccer, table tennis, dominoes and zumba included.
This is a competition in which 4 teams will fight for victory by playing tennis doubles matches in a league format all against all.
In parallel and only for those who want more sport, we will offer basketball, indoor soccer, table tennis, dominoes and zumba activities with the same teams.
This day will be held next Saturday, October 16 from 8 to 20 hours.
The teams will draw for the Wednesday, October 13and each of them will have a captain , who will be in charge of directing and coordinating their group. The teams will be as compensated as possible to ensure maximum competitiveness.
To register, all you have to do is send an email to tennis@laieta.cat stating your name and surname, mobile number and year of birth, and those of your doubles partner if you already have one (the couples they can be male, female or mixed).
If you have no partner, sign up and you will be assigned one of the other registrants individually.
You can also register at this link or in person at the tennis offices.
The price is € 15 per person and includes: registration with a minimum of 3 50 ‘tennis matches, lunch, raffles, medal and final prizes.
This day is aimed at members, tennis season ticket holders and school students over the age of 14 of all levels of tennis.
You have until Wednesday, October 13 to register!
Do not miss it!
If you want to see the official poster of the day click here.
It will be a unique day!

Absolute Catalan Championship and Spanish Veterans Championship
Dear Paddle Players,
We announce that you can now register for 2 paddle tennis competitions for teams starting soon.
* We remind you that your participation is subject to the volume of registrants in each category and the decision of the different captains.

1. Absolute Championship of Catalonia by teams , which will be played the week of November 1 to 7 at the following venues depending on the category: 
  • 1st Category: Padel Park Llavaneres (Sant Andreu de Llavaneres)
  • 2nd Category: CT Reus Monterols (Reus)
  • 3rd Category: Harlequin Rock (Castellar del Vallés)
  • 4th Category: Padel Indoor Lleida (Lleida)
  • 5th Category: Padel Indoor Berguedà (Berga)

2. Preview of the Spanish Team Veterans Championship , which will be played from 18 to 24 October at the Sant Cugat Swimming Club.
This competition is aimed at women aged +35 and men aged +40.

To register you must click  here  or send an email to padel@laieta.cat.
Registration, which is free of charge and is paid for by the club, is open to members and paddle boarders who have a valid license.
You have until next Thursday, September 23rd.

Let’s paddle!
Let’s be quiet!

Preparing for the TV3 Marathon
As you know, we have been working for months on the events of our Centenary 1922-2022, and today we are pleased to announce  that one of the first events will be our collaboration with the TV3 Marathon, aimed at health this year mental.
So during the month of December, our Club will participate very actively in this great event.
As you can see in the photo, the Chairman of the Centennial Commission, Mr. Jordi Adell has already met with TV3 journalists , Xavier Torres and Jordi Robirosa to finish closing all the details. It must be said that TV3 has been delighted with our presentation and initiative.
With this act we will give way to the year 2022 which will be full of events to celebrate our 100th anniversary.
And we want to celebrate it  with all of you!
Soon you will have much more information about everything we are preparing for you …

Walking together towards the
CELaietà Centenary (1922-2022)

Dear members, subscribers,
We remind you that we have started a campaign of civility and awareness on different aspects to promote a better coexistence between everyone.
Today we want to ask you to be careful when using our club car park.
We often find improperly parked cars that cause inconvenience to other users.
We are leaving a warning note  to all these vehicles and making a registration of registrations  to check if they are punctual actions or if they are repeated in time, to be able to apply some kind of sanction in the most serious and recurrent cases .
Please be careful when parking your vehicle at the Club.For a better coexistence,
For a more civic Laietà,
For a Better Club,