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Registration for Laiestiu 2022 is now open!
You have at your disposal the best summer camps for your children: Laiestiu Baby, Laiestiu Junior or Laiestiu Jove.
You also have the option of choosing the Tennis and Padel Schools and Stages.
You can see all the information in our catalog Laiestiu 2022. For more information send an email or visit the following links:

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Live the summer at Laietà!

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Aprovation of accounts

This past Tuesday, April 26, the Club, the General Assembly of members, was held.
It was attended by 74 members who supported the new Board of Directors approving the closure of the 2021 budget as well as the budget proposal for this year, with almost unanimity of the attendees. Members Mr. Tomàs Rubio as a basketball member of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Ricard Guasch and Mr. Manel Monroig as trustees of the Foundation,
were also ratified in their positions.
The Board of Directors thanked the participation and support received.


We apply 1 opening hour

The summer season arrives and with it the new closing hours of the restaurant;
From This Thursday, May 5th until October, the Centx100laietà Restaurant will close 1 hour later, that is, at 1 a.m., on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, a situation that can be extended to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, in specific situations.
In this way, the new opening hours of the Restaurant will be as follows:

Bar/Cafeteria/Terrassa schedule:
Monday to Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Thursday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Sundays and holidays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m

. Restaurant:
Monday to Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Thursday to Saturday from 1 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Sundays and holidays from 13 to 21 hours

Ask us for availability on or on our website

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Dear users,We remind you of the 2 applications that you have at your disposal:

 1. Mi Club Online: to book clues, consult receipts, etc.
– Download here: IOS / ANDROID
– Enter the code of our Club: qd3WRCNQ47
– User Manual: here

GPA Key: to access the Club with your mobile
– Download here: IOS / ANDROID
– Enter the code of our Club: 5YeC6vnl29
– Activate the location of your

mobileRecord that the access data are the same in both applications (personal code and password), and that they will provide you with Member Support.
*Important: If you’ve changed your mobile and have trouble signing in to our Apps, it may be due to the history that’s registered with your old mobile.
Therefore, we recommend that you send us an email to and inform us in order to erase this history and register again.

Thank you very much,


All year round of the Centenary!

Dear Members and Subscribers,

We want to thank and reward your loyalty to the Club!
We are very pleased that you are part of laietà and we want our family to be bigger and bigger!
That is why we present the padel subscriber promotion becomes a

MemberAixí, if a Member manages to make a Paddle Subscriber become a Member, you will get:

  • For the Subscriber who becomes a Member: 1 free year of box office and other advantages*

*The new partner will have facilities in the payment of the Social Title, which can be financed up to 5 years without interest.

  • For the Member: a free monthly fee.

That way, they both win!

If you want to register as a new member or receive more information, you can send an email to, call 934 486 350 or go to the Member Support Office. Don’t wait any longer and cheer up! Enjoy Laietà more than ever! Become a member! 



Vigent all year round of the Centenary!

Dear Members, We want to thank and reward your loyalty to our Club!
That is why we will leave the Membership promotion in force throughout the centenary year. You are the best ambassadors of the Club and the Member carries Member, will make the Laietà family continue to grow and grow!
Invite your family, friends and friends to become partners!

It is very easy, you just have to bring a new partner and you will have:

  • The Free Monthly Fee for 2 months
    *In case you bring more than one new partner, you will benefit from 2 free months for each of them.

In addition, the new partner will obtain :

  • 1 Free Monthly Fee and Facilities in the payment of the Social Title (financing up to 5 years without interest).
    *This promotion does not apply to people who have been linked to the club during the last 6 months.

If you want more information, or make an appointment with us to show our Club to the person concerned, you can send an email to, call 934 486 350 or go to the Member Support Office.
We are waiting for you!


English abroad

Anglo-Connections offers a wide selection of English courses in England and other Anglo-Saxon countries for all ages and personal needs.
It is a company with 20 years of experience in the organization of language stays and sports courses in England and Ireland.The partners and children of members of the C.E.Laietà can enjoy economic advantages. The Club has signed a social advantages agreement with the company that involves significant discounts.

The company has collaboration agreements similar to ours with prestigious schools throughout Spain, as well as with the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE), one of the sports clubs with the most social mass in

SpainAnglo-Connection offers you:

  • Term, semester or school year validated in Catalonia in Ireland with the family
  • Summer course in Plymouth (England) with family accommodation, English course and multisport activities.
  • Summer course in residence in private school with English course and multisport activities.
  • Summer courses focused on English and tennis or specific sports.
  • Summer courses in private school residences and multisport activities.
  • Summer courses focused on specific sports.

If you are interested you can now contact them, make yourself known as Laietà members and ask for your discount! It’s time to decide where to school your children! For more information visit its website



Beques sports and academics in the United States

Experience the Summer Camp in the United States!
We offer you a program very oriented to players who want to live an experience in the United States and who, if you are interested in going to study in the USA with a possible University Scholarship, can better prepare for the entrance exams. The philosophy of the program consists of boys and girls doing both cultural and linguistic immersion and staying with American families, training in tennis or golf, teaching English, preparing the SAT and TOEFL (entrance exams to American universities), various excursions and always accompanied by monitors. All American also helps players who want to study a career in the USA to find universities with possible university scholarships. Show your membership card or noticeable C.E.Laietà and enjoy this promotion!

  • University Scholarship: 10% discount
  • High School Scholarship in the United States: 5% discount
  • Summer Camp in the United States: 5% discount

For more information visit the website or contact